On Bedrock Addons, you have the ability to display ads on every single page except for the login and create account pages.

// disable ads during development
public static final boolean ADS_ENABLE = true;

With the above code, you can enable or disable ads by setting the value to either true or false. During development, you will want to set the value to false to prevent fraudulent ad impressions.

Adding your own AdMob IDs

You will want to add your own AdMob IDs so that you can start making money off of Bedrock Addons. At the very bottom of the Strings.xml file is the code below. Replace within the >< with your own IDs. Include the entire ID as copied from AdMob, do not delete any part of it, or ad revenue will not be paid to you.

<!--ADMOB strings -->
<string name="admob_app_id">ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXX</string>
<string name="banner_ad_unit_id">ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXX</string>
<string name="interstitial_ad_unit_id">ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXX</string>

Rearranging ads

You can also move ads around on the pages by moving where the ads code is placed. The code below can be added into any layout, but there is a limit of one per page to prevent spam.

<include layout="@layout/include_ad_container" />