You don’t need an antivirus program. Most major computer operating systems come with an antivirus built in that works behind the scenes for you. Windows comes with a program called Windows Defender that by default, will protect your computer out of the box. Mac OS comes with its own antivirus program called XProtect that is built right into all recent Apple products.

Deceptive messages

Programs like Avast and Norton have deceptive advertising that claim that you are in danger if you don’t purchase a license, or that you are more likely to get hacked unless you buy their security packages. The major antivirus companies do not say directly that you are in danger because you don’t have a subscription, but they do often times.

Other antivirus programs will tell you directly that your computer is infected with viruses, and to remove them, you must pay for a subscription to get constant protection. This was tested by Du on a Windows 10 Virtual Machine, and the results showed that on a brand-new installation of Win10, and it did in fact say that the machine was infected.

In your face advertising

Typically with antivirus software, it will contain large notices that will prompt you to “Get Protected” with a subscription, or standard purchase. Some will say that you have background processes that are slowing down your computer. Most background processes are actually just displaying notifications, monitoring your CPU usage to adjust fan speed, or doing other harmless activities, and should not be removed.

The developers know best

The software that comes with your computer to defend against viruses is typically much more capable than any 3rd party antivirus program due to the fact that it was made by the same company that made your operating system, and was designed to work with it on a deeper level due to how proprietary the source code for Windows and Mac OS are. Along with this, Windows Defender updates all the time with protection against new viruses and hacks, and does not need to be updated like 3rd party antivirus, because it updates in the background for you.

The conclusion

Windows, Linux, and Mac all have protection against viruses built in, and you probably didn’t even notice it due to the fact that they will just work and not nag you to pay for a subscription. Why pay for an antivirus that is less effective at doing it’s job, and often times much slower to find new vulnerabilities? Don’t. Just stick with Windows Defender, or XProtect for Mac, and you will be safer overall.