Release 1.16.5

Posted: 29th August 2020
This is a beta update that improves the user experience and squishes more bugs in the process.


  • Added the ability to edit accounts easily
  • Fixed the log in and settings buttons to be themed
  • Fixed a security issue that let users ban other users
  • Fixed a security issue preventing users from logging in
  • Updated to API version 29
  • Allowed up to 25 tiles to be loaded at once
  • Added references to the Bedrock Addons open-source project in settings
  • Updated licensing information in the settings
  • Changed the search engine again to allow for contextual links
  • Added contextual links and sorting of them
  • Added link detection for popular services like Discord and GitHub
  • Fixed missing content issues caused weirdly by users not logged in
  • Fixed crashing caused by users typing "null" into the reviews/comments section

Release 1.16.4

Posted: 11th August 2020
This is a minor improvments update to the app, nothing was visibly changed, but behind the scenes (code) was changed slightly.


  • Fixed minor security issues that would return the user does not exist error
  • Added the ability for admins to ban misbehaving users
  • Fixed automatic content and feature updates
  • Upgraded to API version 28

Release 1.16.3

Posted: 8th August 2020
This is a minor fix for some of the most pesky bugs. The search engine was tweaked again, and more parts of the UI were fixed and changed.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash upon opening the categories selector
  • Changed width of the login UI to prevent it from going off the edge on tablets
  • Changed the search engine again, this time to support upwards of 20M tiles if we ever post that many.
  • Made a tutorial video on how to download addons on the app which you can watch right here.
  • Removed sharing buttons since no one was using them and they were just wasting space.
  • Fixed AdMob compliance issues.
  • Fixed multiple security key issues
  • Fixed an error caused by octarus single sign on

Release 1.16.2

Posted: 12th July 2020
The new update includes multiple bug fixes, search engine tweaks, along with some minor UI changes.


  • Fixed login UI not showing up when using the reviews feature.
  • Changed the search engine to be less specific. Searches for "house" will often times include results for "mansion" and "appartment" for example.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the UI where some elements would not appear on screen, or would cause the app to crash.
  • Fixed some issues with AdMob compliance. More updates are coming soon to fix the advertising problems that we are facing.
  • Fixed an issue where content wouldn't show up at all.
  • Fixed an issue where content would display a negative download count.
  • Fixed an issue where content containing the word "null" wouldn't be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the settings would crash the app completely.
  • Fixed multiple issues relating to content sourcing
  • Removed the download count on content that was unable to be downloaded (like seeds).