Octarus is committed to creating jobs for those with little to no income, in poor countries, and unsafe working conditions.

We've worked with multiple people in such situations to provide them with the ability to work in the safety of their own homes, while providing a reliable source of income.

Some of our best team members are from situations like mentioned above, and have moved our business forwards in a way that wouldn't be possible without them. We provide them with the technology to get started, learn while working with us, and then they have the ability to move on to start their own businesses, or work with others using the the knowledge they have gained from working at Octarus.

One way that we are able to help is by offering our gaming Android App for free as open-source. This lets anyone publish an app to Google Play without having to learn development themselves. They are able to take 80% of the advertising revenue that they receive from the app that they release, while we manage the content, most updates, hosting, and compliance.