What is Octarus?

Octarus is a research business that deals mostly with the Internet. We're stuck in multiple symbiotic relationships which we call partnerships. We have lots of services, and operate in a federated way, with bridge as the backbone to how it all works. We get paid by partners to research and develop new services.

How does it work?

Developers can request to upload a project, and/or partner with Octarus. Once accepted, you can upload your files to be stored, and source code to be read by the servers and hosted on the web. We also offer free hosting on some of our services like SimpleStorage. We are also committed to offering long-term archival to our users to ensure that data is never lost, and always has a home on Octarus.

A safe home for your data

Octarus Hosting is a safe place for your data, source code, projects, and any other things you might store. We don't delete data without reason, because data is power. Consider Octarus a digital home. The data you create while on our services is stored here, waiting for you to return, and will be reserved for you. We don't share your data with others, but we do use it to improve our products.