Bedrock Addons

Bedrock Addons is an open-source Android app for learning how to develop for Android, along with providing an advanced gaming platform.

What is Bedrock Addons?

Bedrock Addons is an open-source platform for hosting and sharing gaming content at scale.

Setting up the Addons API

The Bedrock Addons app comes with this code filled in by default, // private static String SERVER = "";Making requests to the serverIn the same file, you can control how many content requests are made the server. this is done with the code on

Advertising and AdMob

How to set up ads on Bedrock Addons


Release 1.16.5Posted: 29th August 2020 This is a beta update that improves the user experience and squishes more bugs in the process. Changelog: Added the ability to edit accounts easilyFixed the log in and settings buttons to be themedFixed a security issue that let users ban other usersFixed

Color Customization

The app gives you full control over the colors. Simply open the colors.xml file and you are able to edit the name of the color on the left, and on the right, is the color code.

Tile layouts

The app has a tiling system for its content. The content tile drawable is called item_content.xml. The tile layouts provide a simple way for users to understand the app and with minimal effort to view content. Every type of content has a tile. Content, categories, comments, notifications, advertisements,

Using conditionals in content

The Bedrock Addons app is designed with conditionals to simplify the development experience for new developers. With the open source project, you can set up conditional statements to simplify your development experience, and to create things (such as UI elements) that have not been introduced into the database by combining
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