The Bedrock Addons app comes with this code filled in by default,

private static String SERVER = "";

Making requests to the server

In the same file, you can control how many content requests are made the server. this is done with the code on lines 21-26. The default values are commented out on the right in case you ever want to change them back.

public static int CONTENT_PER_REQUEST = 20;  //Default 20
public static int CATEGORY_PER_REQUEST = 20;  //Default 20
public static int COMMENT_PER_REQUEST = 50; //Default 50
public static int NOTIFICATION_PAGE = 30;  //Default 30
public static int BOOKMARKS_PAGE = 20;  //Default 20
public static int LOAD_IMAGE_RETRY = 3;  //Default 3

Using security keys

Security keys are used to isolate your version of Bedrock Addons from the rest of the platform. With keys, you can ensure others can't leech off of your API url and effectively make a clone of your app. If you want to use security keys, type your key inside the "" quotation marks.

Keys do not make your app more secure, they just prevent leeching and cloning. They are not a replacement for SSL
// Leave this blank to make a general connection
public static final String KEY = "";