Google is a large company that owns YouTube, Google Ads, Blogger, and a lot more service. They have a big influence in western web design, security, and how the web works in general because they own Google Chrome.

On previous article about keeping search fair there is evidence that Google likes to and does control searches. They feature some search results over others because they are from news sources. Google also control what you can see on YouTube and other sites that they own.

Suppression on YouTube

Content on YouTube has been suppressed that is related to the Coronavirus among other things. Creators who talk about it get their content demonetized and suppressed as a way that Google is warning the creator about talking about sensitive topics. That is fine to suppress fake news, but Google is featuring news sites that are talking about it, and even keeping them monetized.

Discontinuing products

Google has killed off 198 products as of writing this based on this website. They have discontinued lots of products and even some hardware (that users paid for) is now useless because Google decided to end support for it. Google+ is a great example of products being discontinued. It was loved by so many peoples but google decided to end it.

Should we trust Google?

Generally, yes. Google has discontinued lots of products and influenced the way the news works, but they have also done lots of good things like bring you to this website (assuming you found us on Google). They run the largest search engine (maybe that is a bad thing) and help billions of users connect on the web and learn new things. That is something great.