We provide software to millions of people across the world. Open Source is helping us get there. Recently, a few projects were released as Open Source, and even more projects were partially open-sourced.

Bedrock Addons

Bedrock Addons is an Android app that you can use to learn Android development, and even modify to your liking. It is a powerful CMS designed originally for gaming content, but it can be easily adapted for almost any purpose.

It is a federated Android application, which means that it has no single owner, and anyone can host an instance. Read more on federated Android apps below.

Federated Android apps
Decentralization is when there is not one central entity operating a service, and in this case, an Android app platform.


Retriever is a metadata search engine that can scale to thousands or even millions of contents easily. It is currently in use by multiple projects, but the most widespread use is by Bedrock Addons, a gaming app platform.

Retriever: The scalable metadata search engine
Retriever is a search engine that was developed to improve search results for content with lots of metadata.