Storage is an extremely fast program to store files on a web server. It works just like a flash drive, in that you can upload, download, and manage your files on the server in the directory.

Get Started

Simply clone the repository into whatever public server directory you want, and then point your (sub)domain to the directory where you placed the files.
Go to that domain in the browser, and you have access to upload, download, and delete files in that directory.

An extremely fast file sharing system. Contribute to DuAtHome/Simple-Storage development by creating an account on GitHub.
Open Source fork of Simple Storage

Integrating with Retriever

You can integrate Storage with the Retriever search engine to search through your files. Storage is based on file metadata, and does not need a database.

Can I view all files on the server?

Fear not, you can't view and edit anything that isn't in the files directory, it is limited to a pre-generated folder called files.