The app has a tiling system for its content. The content tile drawable is called item_content.xml. The tile layouts provide a simple way for users to understand the app and with minimal effort to view content.

Every type of content has a tile. Content, categories, comments, notifications, advertisements, and bookmarks have tiles. The tiles will make API requests and display a specific amount of tiles per request, as seen in the Addons API requests documentation.

Tile formatting

When you edit the tile file, every tile of its type. Below is an example of a content tile, and the default format. Each tile type will have its own content and layout.

User experience

To prevent confusion, the orange "More" button was added, but it is not necessary. The entire tile is tappable and it doesn't matter where you tap for it to open. The tile also shows some useful information about each content below an image that will scale itself to fit the image size.

The useful information includes the date it was released, what type of content it is, the title, and a download count. All of this data can be requested from the server easily without special permissions required, unlike passwords and emails.