Bedrock Addons is an open-source platform for hosting and sharing gaming content at scale. The app is federated, which means

Federated Android apps
Decentralization is when there is not one central entity operating a service, and in this case, an Android app platform.

What's the purpose?

The purpose of releasing the app as open-source is to provide a way for app developers to learn from my code and adapt it to their liking. This is also designed to be an open alternative to MCPEAddons and allow content creators complete freedom over their content.

Is it limited to video games?

You don't have to just use it for Minecraft or video games, you can change anything you want, and no code is obfuscated so modify to your liking. There are no limits on what you can do with this.

How do I get started

Clone the repository and then download Android Studio. Once you have done that, select the file location of where you saved Bedrock Addons locally, and open it in Android Studio. Wait for it to load the project resources, and then set up an AVD. From there, click on "Build App" and it should install for the first time onto the device you set up. You are now ready to start experimenting with the code.

Using the layouts

All layouts have been designed in a way that's easy to find what code came from what drawable or other resource file. You can use the "Find Usages" tool to find what else is using that resource and how it is being used throughout the project.

What does what?

I have commented on some parts of the code, and in the Build Config file you can change multiple properties of the app eaily. I will continue to add comments where helpful to show what does what, why, and how.

Releasing the server application

The server application will be released in a month or so, but I have kept it closed up until now to prevent competition. Please know that the server application is not required to build and run this Android app, and it isn't required to use the layouts or any code in your own projects.

Major Updates

This application is undergoing active development, and receives weekly security updates.